7 Clever Tricks To Reduce Your Word Count

You never want to be under the minimum word or page count for the final draft, so it’s key to fill up your paper with great content. Most teachers, teaching assistants, and professors are willing to look over papers for students before the final submission date.

Where do you put a Word Count in an essay?

Your teacher may ask you to include your word count. Be sure you select (highlight) only the paragraphs of your paper—do not include the heading, title, outline, or citations. The word count will appear at the bottom left of your document.

I think I am definitely going to be one of the people that have to add words rather than cut lots out. I don’t tend to add stuff in phrases to increase word count that isn’t important. However, your experience of having to remove an entire sub-plot because it wasn’t working is interesting.

How To Write A Summary Of An Article In 5 Easy Steps

Adding more solid evidence to your argument can help make your opinion stronger and more supported. Knowing the exact word goal is crucial when beginning to write, especially for something as important as a college entrance essay or a scholarship competition.

I added an entirely new scene with a new chapter and a few more small side scenes. That only upped my word-count 5,000 words, so I’m really looking for ways to get another 10,000 words in (I’m really aiming for that “novel” length). I have just realised I have a subplot in my unfinished wip that is going nowhere. So reading your blog has given me courage to reduced my sense of isolation in facing a major re-write. I’m apparently still sane, well, as sane as a writer can be, and now I have a very good idea of how to fix the problem that no one else can see. Ten thousand words can seem like an insurmountable mountain, but once you find a few worthy tangents of the story to expand, I bet money you’ll find it breezes past.

Use Transition Phrases And Sentences

Meeting an essay’s required page or word count can sometimes be a struggle, especially if you’re juggling multiple papers or exams. In a pinch, students often rely on tricks like increasing margin size or making their font slightly bigger. Though these tricks do increase page length, there are easier ways to write a longer, high-quality essay. Making a paper meet minimum word or page counts doesn’t have to be an agonizing process—you can add length while also adding clarity and depth. It’s easy to increase word count on an essay, but it’s difficult to increase word count to make the essay better. So many people decide to increase their word count by inserting sentences, paragraphs, quotes and other non-necessary information simply to reach the word count.

phrases to increase word count

But it’s a whole lot harder to cut a subplot after it’s integrated into the first draft than it is to just not write it in the first place. The book will be much more organic, with much less effort, if we can get it right the first time. Make sure each of the paragraphs has phrases to increase word count correct formatting. Each paragraph in the essay structure should have a topic sentence, supporting evidence and/or argument, and a conclusion or transition. If some of your paragraphs are missing parts of this formatting, create sentences that will fill these requirements.

Reduce The Introduction And Conclusion

These sections are commonly expected to be less critical in nature, but they are essential in essay writing. So, you should return to the thesis statement and key points and then read over your paper from the very beginning. The introduction should definitely contain an attention grabber and clear thesis. If the thesis makes sense, it is not difficult to develop the conclusion. Just start it by restating the topic and reviewing your arguments so that to end with a last emphasis on the issue. I think the vast majority of us have to learn the hard way! On the other side of the word count coin, I remember, in writing my last book , thinking, Oh, I’ll just write this subplot, and if it doesn’t work out, I can just cut it.

phrases to increase word count

Also remember that the person reviewing your work and giving you credit is most likely going to scan through it at high speed. They may not even notice your prose style particularly, instead looking for the important content to follow the thread of your argument. In that case, you’re actually making the experience more pleasant for them by cutting out the extras in your writing. So, look for these detailed examples in your essay and just contract each of them into one short sentence. Students often repeat things over and over, using different words, thinking that they’re writing great content. Those are your opportunities to significantly shorten your essay.

Cut Repetitive Sentences

Spending some time searching for additional sources to add to the essay can be a great way to add quality we write essay content to it. When your text is limited to a certain word count, sometimes it is hard to reach it.

Is 2000 words a long essay?

2,000 words is around 4 pages of A4 with single spacing, or 8 pages of A4 with double spacing. If you’re wondering how many pages 2,000 words is, you may have been asked to write a college essay, long-form blog post, or an opinion piece for a magazine or newspaper.

Adding words without adding fluff has always been a challenge for me. I’m in the middle of a rewrite now, and to be honest, I don’t know if I need to add or trim and won’t know until I finish this rewrite. You may have had the biggest selling book club novel of all time, if you left it where it was. I usually love your advice, but this one had me screaming like the kid in Home Alone. Readers don’t need fluff, and that is what all but the first item suggests. I think those who like words for words’ sake, read poetry .

Faq On Word Counter

As you’d probably expect, the first box will show you the word count for the text pasted. The next two boxes feature the text’s character count, one putting into account spaces and the other without.

phrases to increase word count

Numbers are powerful and make for effective tools to support your claims or persuade the reader. Read your essay and find sentences that can be strengthened with statistical data. It’s true that the more research material you read, the more fodder you’ll find for your essay. Hence, if you’re looking to make your essay longer, it’s a good idea to identify additional sources of information and implement them in your essay. These details add to your word count while painting a clear picture for your reader. Using the right tool to measure your word count can ensure you’re reaching your word goal for each assignment.

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